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How long do I have after an accident to report it to my employer?
You have 30 days to report your accident or injury to your employer.

How long does my employer have to report the injury to its insurance company?
Your employer has seven days after the employer learns of the injury to report it.

How much of my medical bills will be paid by workers comp insurance?
Your medical provider should submit all authorized medical bills to your employer’s insurance company for payment.

What if I lose time from work because of the injury? Am I paid for this time?
Under Florida law, you are not paid for the first seven days of disability. However, if you lose time because your disability extends to over 21 days, you may be paid for the first seven days by the insurance company. In most cases, your bi-weekly benefit check will be two-thirds of your average weekly wage. If you were injured after October 1, 2003, your average weekly wage is calculated using wages earned 13-weeks prior to your injury, not counting the week in which you were injured. If you worked less than 75% of the 13-week period, a similar employee in the same employment who has worked 75% of the 13-week period or your full time weekly wage will be used. You should receive the first check within 21 days after reporting your injury to your employer.

What if I have notified my employer of my injury but am having problems receiving benefits?
Contact an experienced workers compensation law firm. Richard W. Driscoll, P.A. can evaluate your case and determine an appropriate course of legal action aimed at maximizing your monetary recovery.

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