Workers Compensation Claim in Tampa

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If you have been injured on the job, you can file a Tampa workmans compensation claim to receive monetary benefits that cover costly medical expenses and lost wages. Basically, Florida law allows for 80 percent of lost wages after the first week of work has been missed. If the disability lasts longer than 21 days, as a worker you can receive benefits for that first week as well.

The basic idea behind workmans comp is that it provides for well-defined remedies to workers injured on the job. In exchange for these monetary benefits, workers give up the right to sue their employers for financial losses related to work-related injuries.

When people have been injured on the job, it is often their first experience filing a Tampa workers comp claim. While injured workers are not required to hire a workers compensation lawyer, they quickly find that the process of filing a workers comp claim in Tampa is fraught with pitfalls that can derail benefits. Because worker comp law changes radically, it pays to contact attorney Richard W. Driscoll because he is knowledgeable about filing a workers compensation claim in Tampa and experienced in fighting for injured workers. 


Tampa workmans comp claim 

Insurance companies have financial incentives to shoot down a valid workers compensation claim. Maybe they do not believe your injury was caused at work or appreciate the extent of your injuries. Here are some things to consider before filing a Tampa workmans compensation claim: 


Respect state-imposed deadlines for filing the initial claim

  • Provide sufficient documentation proving the injury occurred at work
  • Visit only primary care physicians and specialists specified by the managed care network of the insurance company
  • Decide whether to sue a third party whose negligence also contributed to the accident
  • Decide whether you should take a lump sum settlement, which usually stipulates that you also have to give up your claim to future benefits

When a Tampa worker comp claim is denied, the injured worker can take further action, such as filing an appeal to dispute the decision. The law office of Richard W. Driscoll, P.A. works on a contingency fee basis and only collects fees when you win your worker comp claim in Tampa. If you think you have a workers compensation case in Florida, please call us today at 813-251-3001 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.